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8 Nozzles Liquid Filling Machine

8 Nozzle Liquid Filling Machine; cap filling machine, labeling machine and collecting tray can be combined with the filling line can be formed. Foam vacuum unit and product tank can be added to the machine optionally. There are 8 Nozzles Liquid Filling machine. These nozzles in contact with the product and the chassis of the machine are made of 100% reliable stainless materials. This machine has a capacity of 32 units per minute and the filling capacity can reach up to 2000 per hour. With this machine, which is domestic production, food, chemical, cosmetic, cleaning, medicine and so on. Suitable for all small, medium and large enterprises. With the 8 Nozzle Liquid Filling Machine, all products with such viscosity such as detergent, shampoo, oil, honey, jam, mayonnaise, ketchup can be filled. It has an economical and easy to use system. Stainless tank can be fixed on top. It can work semi-automatically with foot pedal. It is a machine with easy weight adjustment.