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Antibacterial Gel Filling Machine

With the Antibacterial Gel Filling Machine, you can fill your products in the mass of gel product in the weight you want. You can determine your daily production amount with different nozzle numbers. We have machines that fill in three types of manual, semi-automatic and automatic types. When it is preferred as a filling line, you will be able to pack your products easily from the collection tray as well as the filling machine as well as your cap closing and labeling processes. With the 8 Nozzle Antibacterial Gel filling machine that can fill up to 1000grams, you can make your filling process by adjusting on the PLC touch screen according to the desired weight. This automatic machine is very simple to use and easy to clean after use. The product packaging covers can be optionally closed automatically with the cover set vibration, or if you wish, you can manually place the covers on the product packaging by a staff member in the cover closing section. In the labeling section, you can continue the labeling process with the machine to be determined according to your bottle type. You can choose between cylindrical, bidirectional, unidirectional. You can visit our website to get more detailed information about our machine or you can get information about the machine by calling us on our phone numbers.


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