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Capping Machines

Capping machines of different types of width and size of the glass bottles, plastic bottles, jars and similar features are easily produced to close the bottles. Bereketsan Machine's cover closure machine models are very wide variety. Thanks to the tightening torque in the capping machine, the bottle caps are closed in a more robust, fast and less time than manual closure. This will increase the rate of doing business. Bereketsan machine cover closures and screw caps, beak caps, timing spray caps, lotion caps, cream caps, normal bottle caps can be easily closed. Capping machines can be set according to the type of cover and bottle. Thanks to this feature, it allows closing of many different caps and bottle sizes bottles with a single door closing machine. Cap closing machine is produced according to many different functions. Some of those; capping machine, capping machine and screw cap capping machine. These cover closing machines can be used to cover the products of different sizes. You can make screw caps between 10mm and 50mm with manual door closing machines, and 7cm to 50cm height products can be closed easily by semi-automatic door closing machine. Capping machines are small, medium and large machines that can adapt to any type of business. There is a model suitable for every sector. Food, cosmetics, chemistry, cleaning etc. In many sectors, door closers are needed and used in these companies. Thanks to the operator panel, it is possible to set the tightening time according to the number of gear of the type of cover to be worked on. Thanks to this feature, businesses are provided with great convenience. The number of products produced in the separate operator panel can also be easily displayed. Thanks to the capping machines, your work will be accelerated and you will save time. Find the closure machine that will be useful for you and you can browse our site to find out the prices of lid closing machines.

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