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Cologne Filling Machine

Cologne Filling Machine; These machines are used to fill cologne-like viscosity products into bottles or boxes of different sizes. The number of nozzles can be reduced or increased depending on the production capacity according to the desired number and speed of filling. Thanks to the PLC system, speed and filling control can be provided easily. Cologne Filling Machine is divided into three categories as manual filling, semi-automatic filling and fully automatic filling. Manual Cologne Filling Machine performs filling by means of a pedal. It is easy to maintain thanks to its dismountable parts. Each part and machine chassis that come into contact with the product during use is made of stainless materials and stands out for its cleanliness after use. This machine, which we produce specially for domestic and abroad, can be designed according to desired features. All machines belonging to Bereketsan Machinery are domestic production and can be used easily in small, medium and large enterprises. This type of machines used in food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors can save time and speed without requiring much manpower. 1-2-4-8. nozzle numbers may be preferred as desired. In addition, auxiliary machines can be combined with main filling machine to form cologne filling line. Other machines required for Cologne Filling Line; Cologne Bottle Capping Machine, Cologne Bottle Labeling Machine and so on. These machines. You can learn about the features of these products from our blog post about these machines and you can contact us. Since Cologne Filling Machine can be produced according to various specifications, it may vary in price from machine to machine. Therefore, you can call us at our contact numbers in order to communicate the features you want. We will forward our pricing to you as soon as possible by our management team according to the features you provide us.


  • Easy control mechanism thanks to PLC control system
  • Number of machine filling nozzles according to production capacity
  • All parts on the machine are stainless materials
  • Filling option for viscosity-value cologne-like products
  • Working machine suitable for food, cosmetic, cleaning, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning option
  • You can contact us at +90 212 671 42 63 and +90 533 401 97 66 for whatsapp line. You can also reach us by sending an e-mail from info@bereketsan.com.tr.
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