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Cream and Paste Filling Machine

Cream and Paste Filling Machine; These machines are used for filling various viscosity products in various packages such as pet bottles and canisters. The filling capacity of this machine is 600-1000 pieces per hour. Some products to be filled in such packages; liquid soap, cream, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, liquid detergent, vegetable oils, mineral oils, liquid pesticides, juices, bleach, liquid chemicals, honey, jam, car polish, grease etc. filling of similar products can be carried out. Cream and Paste Filling Machine works pneumatically. This machine is PLC controlled and the opening and closing part of the filling nozzles is in the mouth. If it is desired to be added as an extra, the feeding tank is attached to the upper part of the Cream and Paste Filling Machine. Cream and Paste Filling Machine is divided into two as fully automatic and semi automatic. Semi-automatic Cream and Paste Filling Machine performs filling in desired amount and interval by means of a pedal. Our machines are made of 100% stainless materials and are easy to maintain and clean thanks to their removable parts. Each part in contact with the product is a hygienic and stainless machine. Cream and paste filling machine prices and specifications vary according to the desired criteria, a price information can not be shared clearly. You can reach the current prices through our whatsapp line related to the price information and you can ask the features of the machine as you wish. Cream and Paste Filling Machine can be used in food, cosmetic, detergent and chemical sectors. We produce these machines with almost zero error to many companies both at home and abroad and provide after sales technical support. No drip during the filling of this machine with no drip feature, the product can be saved considerably. You can examine our machines at www.bereketsan.com.tr. You can have information about our filling machines at any time by typing on our whatsapp line or by calling us at our contact number.


  • Cream and Paste Filling Machine can fill up to 8 pieces per minute and can reach up to 600-1000 pieces per hour.
  • In addition, feeding tank, labeling machine and capping machine can be added to the machine.
  • Filling of dense products
  • It is a machine with 100% stainless chassis and body.
  • It can be produced semi-automatic and fully automatic.
  • It is suitable for full of antifreeze, glass water, acidic and non-acidic cleaning products, detergents, shampoos.
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