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Bereketsan general manager Bülent Altınak; With the experience gained in the sector since 1995, BEREKETSAN Makina Import and Export Ind. Co. started its institutionalization process in line with domestic and international sales volume. ve Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. Bereketsan Makina produces various filling machines, labeling machines, capping machines and liquid filling machines for liquid products.

  • Our filling machines are made of 100% stainless materials and can be made of aluminum, plastic etc. materials were used.
  • Manual filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, full automatic filling machine, acid filling machine, industrial filling machine categories are available.
  • Our automatic filling machines are equipped with LCD screen and thus easy to use.

Headquartered in İkitelli Demirciler Industrial Site, Bereketsan Makina is located in Demirciler Industrial Estate. welcomes the leading companies of many sectors in its office. As a reference, our firm, which hosts robust companies, continues to produce machines with zero defects. We continue our machine production in the most sensitive way with our qualified and experienced staff. We are the only company with the most comprehensive and wide references among the importers of filling machines in Istanbul. We produce liquid filling machine to factories from many different cities in the country and ensure that our technical team is with our customer in case of the slightest machine failure. Our technical team after the installation of machinery in the country or abroad after providing training to the staff about the necessary machine use information is ready to use the machine is delivered. As Bereketsan Makina, we are proud to stand behind every machine we produce. When you have any doubts about buying a filling machine, we invite you to our office and show you our machines which are ready in our production department. Both our general manager Bülent Altınak and our experienced staff tell you every question that comes to your mind at this stage and try to remove the question marks that occur in your minds. In order to find out our filling machine prices, you can call us at our office numbers or send us an e-mail address and ask us to create an offer form or you can call us at our office numbers to make an appointment for our guests. You can find all kinds of liquid filling machines under the products tab on our website. All photos and videos of our filling machines are available on our website. Single and double nozzle manual and semi-automatic filling machine, four-nozzle manual filling machine and four-nozzle automatic filling machine, six-nozzle automatic filling machine, eight-nozzle automatic filling machine and so on. According to the type of nozzle number and special product you produce according to the machine we produce.

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