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Honey Filling Machine

Honey Filling Machine; dense consistency of molasses, tahini, honey products, such as the predetermined containers in a fast and healthy way to make the process of filling specially produced machines. It has the ability to fill low, medium and high density products. Honey Filling Machine is divided into two as fully automatic filling machine and semi automatic filling machine. It fills all kinds of products in a volumetric system with Honey Filling Machine. This machine can be used to fill products between 5-100ml. Specially designed machines can be designed and manufactured for filling in different millimeter ranges. Honey Filling Machine, Molasses Filling Machine and Tahini Filling Machine are more hygienic than other machines and have a faster and more sensitive system than others. The honey filling machine we produce is made of 100% stainless materials and is very easy to clean after use. It has a structure that can be easily disassembled and attached from the connection points. The number of nozzles may vary according to the desired number of production. Honey Filling Machine can be formed by adding cap sealing machine, labeling machine and feeding table. You can contact us for more information about Honey Filling Machine or for more information on Honey Filling Machine.

Some of the other products that can be filled are; buttermilk filling, boza filling, ketchup and mayonnaise filling, cream filling, cream filling, pomegranate juice, etc.

Features; easy to clean, detachable parts, anti-bacterial, precise dosing, emergency button, easy to maintain, drip-preventing nozzle system

Optional Features; parts in contact with the product can be produced from different materials according to need, if the product to be filled is at high temperature, a heat resistant machine can be produced, extra filling counter can be added

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