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Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine can be used in many sectors. After filling and closing, the conveyor comes to this machine by means of a belt. In this article, we will talk about the labeling machine specially produced by Bereketsan Makina. There are five separate categories under the title of labeling machine on our website: double-sided, single-sided, cylindrical, horizontal and sleeve. In the lower parts of these categories, double sided and cylindrical, industrial packaging, oxidant, jars, pet bottles, shoe polish, hair gel, wax, play dough, top, bottom, bottom top, herma module labeling machine is located. The machine selection according to the labeling product is very important. With this article, we will examine five different categories for you.

1.Double Sided Labeling Machine

Double Sided Labeling Machine is suitable for use in many sectors. The machine has two label roll applicators. Shampoo, detergent, jam, tahini etc. The products are food, cosmetic, cleaning, chemical, pharmaceutical etc. labeling process can be made on the double sides of the packaging industry. Machinery; Thanks to the sensors on the conveyor from the conveyor at the same time on both sides of the label quickly and trouble-free label application process. Double-sided labeling machine is manufactured to suit every structure. Whatever the shape of your packaging, the machine is designed according to it and can make sticker labels on all kinds of pet bottles, jars, metal boxes and glass bottles.

2. Single Sided Labeling Machine

Single Side Labeling Machine is a machine that is produced for those who want to make one-way labeling and have suitable packaging. There is one label roll applicator on the machine. It is also able to label industrial products. Liquid soap, liquid detergent, cologne, antifreeze, glass water etc. makes sticker labeling on product packaging. Label conveying process is carried out in series and without any problem.

3.Cylindrical Labeling Machine

Cylindrical Labeling Machine is a machine that makes sticking process to all or a certain part of the circumference of the packages having cylindrical structure. Wax, jelly, play dough, shoe polish etc. sticker labels on the sides of the product boxes. Thanks to the PLC control panel on the machine, it can be used easily by touch adjustments. The maintenance and cleaning of the machine is easy thanks to the removable parts.

4. Horizontal Labeling Machine

Horizontal Labeling Machine is a machine that makes labeling process on top, bottom and top and bottom of packaging. Hotel soap, jam, chocolate and so on. It is an ideal machine for any product that can be labeled horizontally on both sides or single sides of product packaging. Label speed and conveyor belt speed can be easily adjusted thanks to the touch control panel. It is designed and manufactured in a structure that can be understood by everyone.

5.Sleeve Labeling Machine

Sleeve Labeling Machine is a specially designed steam tunnel for shrinking. Thanks to the control panel on the machine, the steam levels of the steam nozzles in the tunnel can be intervened. This machine is used in food, chemical and cosmetic sectors and it is produced in a way that can provide 100% hygiene. This machine of Bereketsan Makina is suitable for use at high speeds.

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