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Perfume Filling Machine

Perfume Filling Machine; perfume, essence, cologne and different types of fluids such as different types of nozzle filling machine is performed. Hourly filling capacity can be up to 1600 units. Thanks to the LCD screen on the machine, the control system provides convenience. Perfume Filling Machine can optionally add product tanks on the machine. Thanks to its removable parts, cleaning is easy and maintenance is very simple. Perfume Filling Machine is manufactured from 100% stainless materials. Electronic and mechanical adjustments are easy. Perfume Filling Machine produces the desired type of packaging without touching the hand quickly and hygienically filling process. Optionally, it may have 2-3-4-5 nozzles or more. With the same machine, it is possible to fill cosmetic products in different weights. Perfume Filling Machine can be produced specially for glass, plastic and metal packages. Specially produced perfume bottles are fed by hand on the conveyor. The packages coming under the region where the filling will be made are filled according to the desired level. The level control system can be easily adjusted by the LCD mechanism on the machine. It has a simple use. It is an ideal machine for filling low and medium viscosity products. You can contact us by calling our whatsapp line or phone numbers to get more perfume filling machine features and to get the perfume filling machine price.


Perfume filling machine makes filling in different dosages according to product volume and feature

Optionally, product tank can be added on the machine

It is a machine with easy mechanical and electronic adjustment.

Each part used in the perfume filling machine is made of 100% stainless materials.

The machine is easy to maintain and easy to clean after use.

The management panel is simple thanks to the LCD display

There are 2-3-4-5 nozzle options. Extra nozzle can be added if desired.

Perfume filling machine with perfume, essential oil and cologne. filling.

1200-1600 filling per hour can be made.

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