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What is Trigger Capping Machine?

Trigger Capping Machine; are the machines that make the closure process of the products with different viscosity. Various bottles, PET bottles, jars, glass bottles, canisters, cans and so on. it provides easy and quick closure of different types of packages. Capping Machines are manufactured with parts that support domestic production. When closing the lid, the margin of error is minimal. All materials used in production are made of 100% stainless materials. It is easy to maintain thanks to its parts that can be removed and installed on the machine and it is very easy to clean after the closing process (after use). With the Trigger Capping Machine, the need for personnel is less and speed and time are completely saved. The speed and clamping characteristics of these machines can be controlled by PLC control system. We keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with our technical service team in case of problems and malfunctions that may occur in the machine. We sell Trigger Capping Machine for both domestic and international markets. Our machine is used in food, chemical, cosmetic, cleaning and so on. can be used in sectors. Trigger Capping Machine can show price differences according to desired features. That's why we can give you a clear price range by clicking here on our whatsapp line or by calling us on +90 212 671 42 63 and you can learn the features and price information you don't know about the machine.


  • Different types and sizes of packages (boxes, plastic bins, glass bottles, jars, pet bottles, etc.) makes the closing process
  • Trigger Capping Machine is produced with domestic production parts
  • All the materials used in the machine are made of stainless materials.
  • Removable and easy to clean parts
  • It is a special production machine which saves time and speed
  • Trigger Capping Machine on the PLC control system has easy to use adjustments
  • Suitable for chemical, cosmetic, food, cleaning industries
  • Customer satisfaction is ensured by our technical service in case of problems and malfunctions for each machine whose sale is completed.
  • The machine-related control panel instruction manual is delivered to the customer with the machine.
  • Trigger Capping Machine is in the foreground thanks to its easy installation
  • You can reach all the photos related to this machine that we have produced specially from the tab under the name of cover closing machines on our website.
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